Puzzling Solution

by Ed Raymond
October 2003

I was at my fabled hunting camp and decided to take a walk. I walked one mile directly South, then one mile East, then one mile directly North, only to find myself back at the same camp. (No, wise people; the camp is NOT at or near the North Pole!)

There exists a parallel of latitude slightly north of the South Pole that is exactly one mile in circumference. If the fabled hunting camp was exactly one mile north of any point on that line of latitude then it would be possible to walk south one mile, walk east one mile (completing a full circle along the line of latitude and ending up exactly where you started), and then walking one mile north to return to the same location.

So there really are an infinite number of locations for this fabled hunting camp. You could also find a line of latitude that is exactly one-half mile in circumference and make two complete circles while walking a mile east, so there are even more possibilities. Or you could find a line of latitude exactly one-quarter…

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