Who Are We?
By Bob Cox

The name of our group is Borderline Mensa. This is not the group for those who barely qualified for membership. We live in the southeast corner of Arizona. Our southern boundary is the Mexican border, to the east is New Mexico.

We have a small local group, but we are quite active. We have a monthly Dinner meeting, sometimes with a speaker, a monthly Lunch meeting and sometimes a party. Most members bring a spouse or prospective member so we get between fifteen and twenty at our meetings. We take part in the MERF Scholarship program, CultureQuest®, Group of the Year, and the Publications Recognition Program.

We were named Group of the Year (Class V) for the third time and this year we are giving two local Scholarship awards. We had a very successful Regional Gathering last January and will host another this year, please join us.

Our main center of activity is Sierra Vista; a town of about 40,000 that is adjacent to Fort Huachuca which is a Military Intelligence Center and an Electronic Proving Ground. Other towns in our area are the interesting little town of Bisbee "Queen of the Copper Camps" and Tombstone "The Town Too Tough to Die". We live in the Chiricahuan Desert, which is a high, grass desert. We have several beautiful mountain ranges - "Sky Islands"- that are renowned for their diversity of flora and fauna. The area is famous for its birds, particularly hummingbirds, we have 15 species. Many of the birds are from Mexico and only come to this part of the U.S. and perhaps a few spots in Texas. Madera Canyon, Ramsey Canyon and the San Pedro Riparian Area, names every birder will know, are all in our area.

On a personal note; we live on 6 1/2 acres in one of the canyons with a great variety of trees and a normally year round stream. We have more hummingbirds than you would believe. In August we will have hundreds and they will devour about 50 lbs. of sugar.

Many of the four-legged critters are also unique to this part of the country. We have Javelina, Coatimondi, and the occasional Black Mexican Jaguar. We also have Black Bear, Mountain Lion, White Tailed Deer and Elk.

There is plenty to see and do in this area; the county Major Events Calendar lists 90 events for the year. Our newest attraction is Kartchner Caverns, Arizona's newest State Park. The climate here is great. Because of the elevation it does not get too hot, and the nights are cool, and, of course "it's a dry heat". We get snow on the mountains in winter but just the occasional sprinkle in town; we get a few frosts.

We welcome you to visit us and even to relocate (we need more Mensans) but don't tell your non-Mensan friends about this little bit of Paradise.

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