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Note To PRP Judges: There are no duplications of any print entries on this page. Anything else not eligible for the 2004 PRP has been placed in the archives section.

Fred Baer

Science Snippets
You Big Sun of a ...
March, 2004

Rich Bruso

WWJD? Get out the stakes!
A review of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter
March, 2004

Back By Unpopular Demand
Reviews of Blue Monkey and Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
February, 2004

Domo Avocado, Mister Roboto
A review of Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death
November, 2003

A Moving Epic Of One Man's Struggle To...
Sorry, I Must Be Thinking About Another Movie
A review of Trick Or Treat
October, 2003

Kids! Don't Cave In To Temptation!
A review of Teenage Caveman
August, 2003

When You Wish Upon A Dud
A review of Wishmaster II: Evil Never Dies
July, 2003

"Adult" Films June, 2003

Gothic Western?
A review of Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
May, 2003

Jean Hodgson

Opening The Cage November, 2003

Doug Miller
Tales of the Pointless and Annoying

Area Man Rejected By Internet Dating Service July, 2003

Pride Of Ownership May, 2003

Pamela Miller
Member Of Greater Phoenix Mensa

Write Your Own Doug Miller Story March, 2004

S Martha Montevallo

Incident In Malaga January, 2004

San Pedro River November, 2003

Drive By Stories November, 2003

Out To The Ballgame October, 2003

Patio Sale August, 2003

Who's Who? July, 2003

War Story 1944 June, 2003

My Wounded Knee May, 2003

Edward Raymond

Polite Society - It's A Gas! March, 2004

Things You Need To Know February, 2004

Getting To First Base November, 2003

Puzzling October, 2003

Mike Smith

A Christmas Story (Part 2: Virginia) March, 2004

A Christmas Story (Part 1: Departure) February, 2004

Amy Vaughn

The Message of Richard Heinberg’s The Party’s Over March, 2004

Donald Yadusky

Writing February, 2004


There is a lot more writing dating back to December 2000 in the archives.

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