Vacation Perspective
by Donald Yadusky
June 2001

On vacation we tend to pull away from our routine life style. We tend to back up and pull away to gain another perspective. This perspective happens literally as we pull away from the earth itself in an airplane, or realize the globe is 7/8 water, or we view the night sky from a darkness not found in our routine life.

In our effort to gain perspective we often become islanders. Either remote in a cabin or on the island of Manhattan in a big city, like New York. This allows us for a little while to live a dream or fantasy life. The islands of Hawaii or Vancouver beckon us.

Many industries sell fantasy such as Disneyland, amusement parks, Hollywood, Western towns. Real estate agents sell dreams, for example the "little cabin in the woods you always wanted."

It seems that we all have chosen some lifestyle somewhere between the loner, social misfit in isolation on an island, or island in the sky (mountain), or the super-crowded noise and bustle of the big city, where sensation is on sale. Even the sensation of seeing nature's grandeur like the Grand Canyon, Arizona or Niagara Falls, to the sensation of roller coasters or water slides.

It is only when we pull back and view the spectrum of lifestyles from isolated to crowded that we can see where on the spectrum of lifestyle our life resides. By learning this we re-evaluate and adjust our scales of values. We see there is a time for play and a time for play to stop.

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